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Infrastructure Services

Our infrastructure services group aims to provide the very best collection system diagnostic, maintenance and rehabilitation services to municipalities, developers and contractors. Our expertise combined with best in class equipment and products ensures robust solutions for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Inspection services (TV inspection)
  • Cleaning services for any underground structure
  • Chemical grouting
  • Pipeline rehabilitation (CIPP, fold and form)
  • Manhole rehabilitation (Lining, grouting, etc.)
  • Protective coatings (Specialized coating systems)
  • Trenchless technologies (Pipe bursting)
  • Environmental (Contamination remediation)

We routinely take the jobs that other companies are afraid to tackle, completing them on time and within budget. Our clients benefit from the efficiency and experience of our multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals, competent technicians and well-connected consultants.

For additional information, please contact us to schedule a no obligation meeting or to request a quote.