Today, sanitary sewers, manholes and natural gas lines account for most of the trenchless work we do. Increasingly other utilities such as storm drainage systems and electrical utility ducts are also installed or rehabilitated using our trenchless technology because of lower costs and greater efficiency.


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Trenchless Technology Solutions

Our range of trenchless technologies which incorporate many methods can be applied for the installation, replacement, rehabilitation, and repair of pipes, ducts, cables, and sewer manholes with minimal surface excavation.

Services include:

  • Pipeline Rehabilitation [Slip lining and pipe bursting and Cured in place pipe(CIPP)]
  • New Installation [ micro tunneling, auger bore and jacking, pneumatic piercing and horizontal directional drilling (HDD)]
  • Repairs including sewer manhole rehabilitation, spot repair, robotic point repair and grouting.

If your system is reaching the end of its useful life or if you need spot repairs, trenchless technology may be the answer to enhancing the performance of the existing system.

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